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How We Make Your Yard Look It’s Best


Do you hate mowing?  Every Branch Lawn Service (EBLS) can provide weekly or bi-weekly mowing services.  One of the most important parts of mowing a lawn is the weed eating.  The proper use of this tool adds a professional touch. Mowing is not complete without weed eating and blowing the clippings.   

Commercial Accounts

If you own a small commercial property and would like the lawn and landscape cared for year round, EBLS can provide regular mowing and maintenance of the property. Your property will look great and you can focus on other things.


Do you have shrubs in your landscape bed that are over grown or blocking the windows? Some beds need a complete over haul, while others need a little renovation. EBLS can work with you to accomplish your landscape goals.


Mulch is important to suppress weeds, retaining moisture, and maintaining ground temperature. Sure, some weeds will still germinate, but the majority of them won’t survive. As the mulch breaks down, it become necessary to add more to the landscape.

Bed Maintenance

Do you enjoy mowing, but don’t enjoy keeping the beds in shape? Just spending a little time once a month can make a big difference. Talk to us about the possibilities of a once a month visit to your landscape.

Spring & Fall Clean Up / Leaf Removal

Some people wait until February to call someone to clean up the leaves. EBLS recommends cleaning up the leaves through the winter months rather than waiting until spring. One advantage is that your property will look better throughout the winter.

We understand you put a significant amount of trust in a service provider

We understand you put a significant amount of trust in a service provider

Many times the home owner is not home when the work is performed.  With that in mind, Every Branch Lawn Service respects the customers property and values that level of trust.